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  • Post install conversion tracking
  • Targeting capabilities
  • High quality publishers
  • Global install coverage
  • Non-incentivized installs

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Top 5 reasons why 35+ global advertisers work with us

Post Install Conversion Tracking

Post install performance is critical to determine user Life Time Value(LTV). Our internal tool can review
each install to determine unusual patterns, high uninstall rates and more.
In addition, it pauses publishers that deliver low retention installs.

This tool has provided Toolbar clients with a 20%-30% lift in LTVs.

Detailed Reporting

Gain deep insights into your installer in real time. Learn which operating system
or browser converts better for you. Use this data to enhance your ROI!

Cloud Based Installer

License our tech and improve your
software's install performance with our
cloud based installer 'InstallBurst'.

Get detailed install funnel data, including
publisher IDs, install source, and our 'Tango'
post install data.

High Quality Publishers

Our network only accepts high quality
software developers that own their
own software.

In fact, we reject 95% of publishers that
apply to join our network! This ensures you
are bundled with only the finest software
in the world.

Scale with us

We haves millions of installs.
We work with marketing
budgets of all sizes.

We can help you attain your goals.