General Questions:

What is InstallMonetizer?!
In a few words – the cleanest and highest paying windows based software monetization platform…ever! What this means is that; InstallMonetizer helps awesome software developers like yourself earn unbeatable revenues by offering high quality advertisers to end users during the download of your software. Installmonetizer is a Ycombinator company (W2012 batch). We are backed by the same awesome investors that backed Google, Facebook, Paypal, Yahoo, ebay, Dropbox, Twitter, Zynga and many more. Our Investors include: Ycombinator, SVAngles, Andreessen Horowitz, Transmedia Capital, FenoxVC, Yuri Milner, Netprice and Digital Garage!

Why we rock?
Simple – we help our publishers (software developers) achieve the highest take home earnings. Please note; Earnings are not the same as payouts (pay per install). Other networks try to deceive publishers by offering a very high pay per install. These advertisers don't convert well and the high rates don't translate into more money for you. Have a look at the example below. You'll see how $0.70 per install out pays $1.00 per install!

Bottom line: We make sure you get paid the highest amount for your installs!

Optimized for Earnings


Which advertisers do you work with?
This is an ever changing answer – we just have so many amazing advertising partners that we keep adding! That diverse pool includes high quality toolbar, coupon, and PC Utility advertisers Want some names? Bing, Aol, Babylon, Blekko, SweetIM and many more.


How do we generate the best revenues for publishers?
The secret sauce is in our Technology! Yes – that is the answer! Our team has built out optimization platforms for Ad Parlor (Facebook ads api platform) – yes…THE Facebook. We understand the crucial role technology plays in optimizing earnings. From a seamless integration experience to automated campaign optimization on the fly - our tech allows every publisher to squeeze the last penny from each and every install… this allows you to take home a big fat check at the end of every month.


Which countries does InstallMonetizer monetize?
We monetize almost every country on this planet!


Do I qualify to work with InstallMonetizer?
Interested in earnings higher revenues than ever before? Alright then! Let's see if you fit the below criteria:

  • - You have created a quality windows based downloadable product.
  • - You won the rights to the downloadable product
  • - open source windows based downloadable product are allowed

Do I need to sign a contract?
We hate contracts! We never wish to bind any of our publishers in contractual obligations because we realized long ago that there is only one thing that will keep publishers sticking on – RESULTS. Therefore, we have no contracts and publishers are free to join and leave as they will. However, few (if any) decide to leave our network simply because we deliver the results! Now for those of you seeking more security – we love you as well. We accommodate any specific agreement/contract based requests that publishers may have.


Can I control which advertiser is offered?
Yes! All of our publishers have FULL control over which advertisers they wish to bundle in their product. The biggest benefit of our advanced tech is that you can alter these selections on the fly!! That means you can change advertisers while your campaign is live! Aren't you just jumping in your shoes already?!


Excited to work with us? We are!
So you want to earn the highest possible revenues… let's get you going then! All you have to do is fill out this short and simple sign up form - it takes less than 5 minutes! :) Once you are signed up - our approval team will review your application and get back to you within 24-72 hours.


Can I work with other networks while my revenues are sky rocketing with InstallMonetizer?
That's a tricky one! We do encourage our publishers to test the waters with other networks, simply because our results are always better. However, running two networks at the same time causes our advertisers (who we love as well) to overlap with the advertisers of the other network – the end result? The advertisers on both networks loose as the distribution eco-system is rendered useless. So, please talk to us and explain your special circumstances before running another network while utilizing Installmonetizer.


How long does it take to approve my account?
Our Support team is awesome (and also super busy) therefore it could take them up to 72 hours to approve your account.


What happens after my account has been approved?
Wohooo! So now your account has been approved and you are itching to earn revenues! And we are here to help you every step of the way!!! The next step is to create your co-bundle and finish up integration. You can find links to integration here – Once you have completed integration – send it over to us and we will test it out for you. Once verified, you are good to go live!!


How does InstallMonetizer track my installs?
Three words – Real Time Data! Yes, our tracking system provides real time reporting for you.:) Not only are these reports transparent – they are extremely detailed. Is there a thing as too much tracking data? Absolutely not, we are always adding more depth and tools to our reports so that our publishers can analyze every bit of relevant data linked to every part of the install process - from offer screens to take home earnings and then some more. :) All this is achieved by our Industry leading tech! We use our own advanced tracking systems to provide instantaneous analytics and sub-id level statistics. Given, the highly detailed tracking data that we provide; our publishers have complete transparency into their monetization campaigns.


Why do I keep hearing eCPM again and again?
Ahh… finally! Now we are talking about the true measure of performance - eCPM!! We are a tech company and we take tremendous pride in the capabilities of our technology. So it's no surprise that our team figured out the best possible measure of any software monetization campaign – eCPM. The term in general refers to earnings per 1000 but here at InstallMonetizer's secluded lab – the term refers to the revenues a publisher earns for every 1000 times an advertiser's offer screen is shown to the end users. Due to older industry trends publishers often focus on the payout per install but what really matters? Money taken home at the end of the month :) That is exactly what eCPM's help us measure and optimize.


I see this EEPI term a lot too.
So you have created your co-bundle and are ready to monetize! Well now it's time to learn EEPI. In short, EEPI is your personal campaign optimizer. Really! It's like having a dedicated account manager watching your campaign every step of the way and optimizing the heck out of it. So what is sooo amazing about this technology? It is automatic! And… wait for it… it optimizes your campaign on the fly!! It selects the best converting offer for your software based on country… and automatically tweaks the logic based on real time conversions.


Give me my money!
Can you update with Payoneer prepaid card, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, Paypal and Checks.

Advanced Questions:

I can't login to my account, can you help me?
Oops! Did you try using your most updated password? Are you sure you entered the correct email address? If you did and still cannot log in – Do not worry – our super support staff is there to help you. Just email them and they will get your login issue sorted right away. You can contact them at
Why do my earnings take 3 days to show up?
Good question – and a very common one. Earnings! That is what we work for, correct? Even though our entire reporting system is real time and simply fantastic – we do have to coordinate finalized numbers with our advertisers. They too have tracking and analytic systems to ensure the highest level of transparency. Keeping that in mind, we work really hard to ensure the earnings are reflected on accounts no more than 3 days from real time reporting.

How do I see country level install information in my account?
Now we are in the territory of InstallMonetizer excellence (which is also one of our core values). Our reports are very detailed and extremely transparent. You can see country level install data by

  • - Logging in to your account
  • - Clicking on Reports,
  • - Once the report has generated, click on the hyperlinked View button below your earnings number across each advertiser. This will generate a geo-centric install report. Still have questions regarding reporting? Don't hesitate to contact our always smiling support staff.

How do I show multiple offer screens?
Want to maximize revenues eh?! You have come to the right place. Our Dual Screen is super awesome!! It allows you to offer two advertisers during the download of your product. And given the diversity of the pool of advertisers that our network has – your earnings can potentially double!! So double your earnings by simply enabling this option from your Account.

  • - Log into your account
  • - Click on My Co-Bundles
  • - Select Edit
  • - Under the Co-bundle name tab - select the number of offer screens you would like to be shown.

I have a new product. Do I need to create another account?
No, you do not need to create a new account. :) We would never make you do any more work than you have to – leave the work to us. Simply, create a new co-bundle url from your account and follow the same integration process for the new co-bundle as you did before.


How do I see statistics for individual co-bundle activity?
Oh that's a simple one. All our tracking and analytics report sub-id level data. This is transmuted into Co-bundle reports. To see co-bundle level data:

  • - Generate Report
  • - Select Appropriate Co-bundle from the Co-bundle drop down menu
  • - Select the date range
  • - Click Search

Why has my account been paused?
Sorry! Our amazing tech infrastructure is highly sensitive to quality of installs. Some of the tools built into our back end have capabilities to detect any drop in quality or possibly …(we hate this word)… fraudulent installs. So your account may have been paused for several reasons including but not limited to:

  • - Low quality installs - generated from torrents etc.
  • - AV Flags
  • - Fraudulent Activity - repeated/fake installations.
  • - Long duration of Inactivity

Why has my account been de-activated?
Hmm… de-activation is one step beyond having your account paused. Our support and tech staff run multiple tests for your campaign and compares the results with the reports of our fraud detection and quality check tools. Therefore, your account may have been deactivated for several reasons including but not limited to:

  • - Low quality installs - generated from torrents etc.
  • - AV Flags
  • - Fraudulent Activity - repeated/fake installations.

How do I update my account info?
Simple – you can just follow the directions below. You can update your contact and payment info through your Account Info tab. To do so:

  • - Please log into your account
  • - Click on My Account
  • - Then click Account Info to update your account info. Please do note that you cannot change your email address. Contact support if you have any other questions relating to changing your account info.

Payment Questions


How do I update my payment info?
You can update your contact and payment info through your Account Info tab. To do so:

  • - Please log into your account
  • - Click on My Account
  • - Then click Account Info to update your payment info. Having trouble? Please email our support team and they will come to your rescue right away.

When and how often are payments sent?
As much as we would like to pay our publishers every day, that is not the case. We pay on a Net 45 basis. Hence, payments are sent out 45 days after the installs are given. Eg: Money Earned during Feb, 2013 will be paid out on Apriil 15, 2013.


What are the Payment Options?
We issue payments via Payoneer prepaid card, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, Paypal and Checks.


I am an international developer. Do you pay outside the USA?
Absolutely!! The following options cover most of the countries in the world. Payoneer prepaid card, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, Paypal and Checks.


I haven't received payment, what should I do?
Hmm… that should never happen! Have you hit the minimum account balance of $100? If you have and still haven't received payment, please email our support team and we will have the issue resolved for you.

Integration Questions


I want to integrate help me!!
First, let us congratulate you on choosing the best monetization platform for you product. Now integration with our platform does not take more than 15 minutes for any experienced developer. But you are facing issues? Do not worry – our tech and support staff is here to help you every step along the way. Simply email our support team and we will get integration sorted for you. Integration is quick and simple. You can also find all the help for integration on this link:


What is a co-bundle? How does it work?
A co-bundle is the completed bundle that results from integrating our code into your installer. When a user installs your software, our co-bundle software will ask the user if they want to install one of our partner's software. If the user says 'No', then your software begins to install immediately. If the user say 'Yes', then the partner's software installs followed by installation of your software. You can control if you want your software to wait for the third party partner software, or install at the same time as the third party software.


What type of installers does InstallMonetizer work with?
Our tech team is extremely creative and sharp – therefore we can work with most installers. But it is easiest to integrate using one of the installers listed below:
Setup Factory
Also, check out for more information.