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Solutions for every need:

Co-bundle: Show our offers within your software installs
Keep full control of your software product
Show advertiser offers while users installs your software
Select 1-5 offers, or turn it off anytime
Live Reports & Full install stats
We optimize to earn you the most
Install Manager wrapper: Use our installer built in with offers
Fast 24 hour turn around
We optimize all offers shown to user
Control # of offer screens shown and even advertisers
Turn it off on the fly
Live stats
Content wrapper: Wrap your font, pdf, wallpaper, zip files with offers
Make 2-3 times more revenue then ads
Wrap any downloadable content
Simple JS integration
Supports 5 level deep tracking
Skinned to match your website
Download Platform Wrappers: Dynamically wrap your portal downloads
We support site with up to million products
5 level deep tracking
Custom skinned wrapper
We optimize your wrappers to increase your $
Live Reports
Distribute our Wrapped Products & Earn $2 per install
We Pay up to $2 per install in several countries and rev-share globally.
Distribute custom games, PC cleaner products and more
We provide the landing page & banners, you provide the traffic
We optimize all the offers shown to user
Live stats
Perfect for affiliates


Difference between co-bundle & wrappers?

-with a co-bundle offers are shown in middle of the install

-with a wrappers offers are shown before your product starts install

Will it look like my product?

-Yes Wrappers are native, its look and feel will match that of your software.

How long is the process?

-Most wrappers can be finished and emailed to you in 24 hours. For download portals or content sites this may vary based on integration needs.

Why should I wrap?

-Most wrappers can generate 30-40% more revenue than co-bundles. They look and feel like your product so the user is never turned off.

Do you work with affiliates?

-Yes we do. We can wrap your products or give your pre-wrapped products to market.

Top 6 reasons why Software Developers work with us

Highest Payouts

We drive millions of installs to search provider, shopping, game & utility products.
We demand higher payouts and pass those payouts to you.

Know exactly how much you earn

We have the highest conversion rates in the industry and we are proud to show it in our stats.
Our reports show how your install funnel looks and how much you earn.

Optimized for Conversions not Payouts

Higher conversions always beat out higher payouts. Our offer screens have clear content and call to action which generates higher conversions and quality users.

Backfill your inventory

Already bundling a few advertisers?
Use us to support countries where you
don't have advertisers.

Works with all installers

We have a solution for any installer
- Direct Co-bundling : Works with NSIS, INNO,
Setup Factory, Wise, Install Shield.

- Stub: If you have a custom (inhouse) installer,
we have a stub that will work for you.

- HTML Installer: use our advanced
cloud based HTML installer, to
create your exe.

35+ Global Advertisers

By having a large diverse set of advertisers we are
able to fill more offer screens than any other network.

Over 35 Advertisers trust us with their marketing goals!